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Covid and it’s impact

Written by Michele Adler

January 28, 2022

It has been almost two months since Martini got sick and had surgery, I caught a cough, COVID and then got invited to the C19 coughing awful after party, lost two relatives just before and after Christmas, couldn’t see my father in his nursing home until last week because I had COVID, then he had COVID, and I’m still positive today so there are things I still can’t do because of that.

What did I learn from this? Be humble, be grateful and listen when the universe is telling you to look deep within yourself.

Take the time to stop, rest and turn off the world.

We are so caught up on social media, our iPhone and keeping up with everything and everyone else, that sometimes we forget about ourselves until we are forced to.

I have been off-line for most of this time, almost two months, and it was the best medicine, EVER!

Did I worry that I would be left behind a trail of tech and social media dust? No.

I did look deep within, took my time off and now I am so excited to be back in action and feeling good!!

If your 2022 didn’t start off like you wanted it to, look deep within yourself and ask the universe to guide you.

Take it from someone who has been bit twice by a brown recluse spider, struck by lightning, had heart surgery, crushed cancer and now experienced COVID that in fact, the universe does speak to you loud and clear.

If you have questions on how to connect with your inner-self and the universe, I would love to chat with you and share how easy it is to do.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and abundant 2022!!

With gratitude,

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