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Addressing Fear of Failure and Fear of Acceptance

Fans at a Bills Game

Written by Michele Adler

May 1, 2022

1 of the biggest problems people face is their FEAR of FAILURE & ACCEPTANCE.

🤦‍♀️ Could it be when you are struggling with a decision that keeps bringing you to dead ends? You want to give up, being frustrated and ashamed. Do something easier, but you cannot seem to find it.

How about when you feel like you failed in a big way? Lost your job, your significant other or maybe cannot get your business off the ground. You believe you are not the person you thought you were – and you never will be. You feel stressed, have anxiety and are unmotivated. 😲

🤷‍♀️ What about being lazy through procrastination? If you cannot do it perfectly, then it cannot be done at all. So why even try and do nothing.

Does your head fill up with noise, easily distracting you and you feel like you cannot accomplish anything? You start to feel anxious, do not care about yourself and what you are interested in, and most importantly what you could become. 😖

👎 Are you defensive about your #mistakes and play the blame game? It is not your fault, it is theirs.

🏈 Do you wonder if you fit in or will be accepted?🐬

What if you could #change and become the person you were meant to be? 🐱‍🏍

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with your customized Mindset #Coaching Program. In just 90 days you can transform your entire being from #FEAR of Failure to #UNSTOPPABLE #Empowerment in creating your #GrowthMindset leading you across your finish line!

💪 What if you could change and meet challenges with perseverance?

📆 What if you could change, increase your #selfesteem, and easily keep on track?

👌What if you could change and have a vested interest in your efforts and how they will be accomplished?

🚀What if you could open yourself up to Growth and be more, not less, of who you think you need to be?

💖What if you could be motivated to lead, teach others and love?

What if you had an experienced Certified Holistic Coach to guide you in quickly # #transforming your world with 3 easy steps? I have helped others just like you get out of their own way and not just think outside of the box but leap outside of the box into a complete transformation changing their #habitsforsuccess and enhancing their life forever!

👍Starting a new business?
💃Starting a new relationship?
🙏Want to start living a new life?

You are in the right place! With easy-to-follow instruction, empathetic support and an absolutely no BS #accountabilitycoach , it is time to get your life in order, step into your purpose and start living your dreams and aspirations.

Do not waste time with high-ticket coaches promising you riches and giving you rags to piece together. 🧨

🌟Get the 1:1 personal attention you crave and deserve to change your life forever!

Type GIVE in the comments to get your complimentary coaching tool 3 Ways to Easily Overcome Your Procrastination & Fears!

PS That is my husband and I at the Bills game with tailgaters we never met before then. Walk past your FEAR and enjoy your life!

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