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Welcome to my little piece of the Universe!

I love being here and helping others to become what they believe to be their best-self or to see how they can live their higher purpose in life.

We all have our own paths to follow, and many to choose from. I believe in destiny and that we never pick the wrong path. Sometimes, we may pick a detour to get to where we want or need to be. Sometimes, we may feel like we are not getting what we want or where we want to be fast enough, if at all.

That’s how I felt a lot growing up, and even as an adult. Taking that detour over, and over again. However, I always looked at the path I was on as an adventure I would learn something from to get me onto a new path.

In 1996, I had a shift in awareness to leave a high-paid admin legal career and venture out into the unknown field of holistic wellness. It was terrifying, but I was going to make the leap and not look back. I first become a licensed massage therapist. The move changed my life forever. It opened endless doors of opportunity for me through other certifications and license that I earned in the field. I have met and worked with the most interesting and extraordinary individuals for the past 25 years. Most of all, what I learned from life experience, from that one decision of changing my career, is that “FEAR” is only a four- letter word and “NO” becomes whatever positive result you make it.

“When you win you win, when you lose, you learn.” – author unknown.

How a lightning strike, heart surgery, and crushing cancer made me unstoppable!

In April 2007, it was me, a gray cloud, and a bolt of electricity. My super-power gained? Breaking or interfering with electronics for years to come and not picking the winning lottery ticket!

In April of 2014, working out in the gym, my face drooped, and I lost my strength on my right side. Off to the ER for an overnight stay and testing the next morning.

“What? You found a hole in my heart with blood clots rushing through it? That’s awesome.”

What, they gasped!

“Well, you didn’t tell me it was my fibromyalgia, and you can fix it!”

Heart surgery followed in August. Spoiler for those who may have this procedure…they do not knock you completely out and I got to watch the entire surgery.

In April 2017, what I thought to be a hemorrhoid turned out to be a cancerous tumor and anal cancer. Some people would cry and think “Why Me?” I figured out how to make my hospital room a tropical fish tank for the two rounds of chemo I had to go there for and would ask the radiologist how the tanning bed was for the that day when I went for radiation to lighten the mood.

I looked at each of these events and thought how blessed I was to have it happen to me. I have been practicing in the holistic field 25 years and during that time I have encountered my own health, career, and relationship issues just like you may be experiencing now.

From My Heart

I come from a heart-centered, balanced and positive mindset that I have been cultivating since I was a child. I continually strive to learn and grow through higher education and life experiences combined to bring you an insightful, resourceful, and professional approach through coaching.

I am truly blessed to do what I love and love what I do… Help others live their lives to the fullest on their own terms!

With gratitude,

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