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“Michele has an intuitive ability to hear what the real issues are… She is a gem!”

– Tee P.B.

Not every adult has the focus, insight, and clarity in knowing what they want or how to get it. They may have a lot of ideas, but don’t know where to start and can’t get out of their own way.

Michele has an intuitive ability to hear what the real issues are and help guide the client to fantastic solutions through holistic life coaching. She is a gem!

Aritee P.

Executive Leadership Coach

Michele is fantastic! Her videos on social media on Mondays and Fridays give applicable information to help you with your mindset and keep you on track. She speaks in a way that is clear and relatable to everyone, and you won’t meet anyone who’s friendlier or more approachable!

April Rockel

Virtual Bookkeeper

“As an entrepreneur with an early-stage startup, I face many challenges and have a very busy schedule. Michele provided me with great advice and guidance on how I can overcome some of my biggest challenges and helped me stay focused on my goals. She also made sure to let me know how I can keep a positive mindset despite many obstacles along the way. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I appreciate all of her help.”

Daniel Somech

MailPop, LLC

“Before I began meeting with Michele, I was struggling with balancing stress regarding looking for housing, launching my startup, making enough money, and social life. But she helped me prioritize and execute on the most pressing issues. She Increased the clarity in my approach to focusing on what is right in front of me and what’s most important. It’s clear Michele is very caring and wants the best for her clients.”

Stop Motion Animator

“Michele is great at what she does! She asked all the right questions to get to the root of my challenges, understand them, and provide next steps. In just a one-hour session, she provided so many practical and helpful strategies around habit changes, goal setting and achieving, improving my mindset, and gaining clarity on my passions. Now I have a clear picture of what I need to do to start being more productive and living with more balance and alignment.”

Mike Layer

Digital Marketing Strategist

“I’m so grateful that I discovered Michele and her unique approach to coaching. Michele took the time to really understand where I was getting stuck-and proposed solutions that have had a great impact on my ability to move forward in my life, with confidence and clarity. If you’re looking for a coach who truly cares and is compassionate and wise, do not hesitate to hire her. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.”
Julie Hunt

Personal Development Copywriter

“Michele was able to put to words what I couldn’t. She gave me 2 ah-HA moments in our session. That I needed to focus on and keep to my path as a Travel Agent. That splitting my focus was holding me back. The 2nd ah-HA moment was to focus on my core values of accountability, my worth, belief in myself and being genuine in that way to share my story and stop feeling like I had to have this sell worthy pitch to make people trust in my ability to provide travel services. I can’t thank her enough for getting me closer to my resolve in life. Please know Michele has pointed questions and really listens to you.”
Kat Duck

Travel Agent

“I got in touch with Michele to help me find any blocks that I may not be aware of to grow my business and she not only delivered, but went over and above my expectations! Michele impressed me with her warm, genuinely caring, and professional approach. She is extremely insightful and resourceful as well and I now have clarity on what I have to do. I highly recommend her!”
Jennifer Kao

HHP, Preferred PSYCH-K® Facilitator

“Michele gave me an opportunity to experience how she could help me with her expertise such as mindset, self-development as a coach. She gave me some documents to work on; goal settings etc. By writing down those things, it makes me clear what I want, what I need to be doing, and with a target date. She asks questions without making me feel bad. I really enjoyed how she coached me by explaining why we do what we do.

The biggest take away is by experiencing a one to one coaching, I really felt necessity of a personal coaching. I hear all the time. Even though successful business gurus, they still get or more so they have a personal coach to improve themselves so that they can teach more better. I would recommend her because the way she interacts….

You can feel she really works on you to bring up your greatness inside. “

Harumi Anderson

Biohacker Extraordinaire

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